Friday, April 8, 2011

1950's Replica Apron

A brown envelope showed up in the mail to me one day last summer.  

Inside the brown envelope was another brown envelope.  The second one, on the inside, was the inspiring one.  An original pattern envelope that was mailed in October of 1950.  

So far I have made an apron skirt following the exact step by step instructions of the Marian Martin Sew-Chart.  

The instructions even have the layout pattern for using a feed bag however it does specifically state that it will only work for a size small.  

I have completed the apron skirt and am still working on the bib.  

The skirt has been repurposed from a christening gown lining and the hankie was collected from a garage sale in New Brunswick, Canada.  

The binding along the pocket edge and the skirt hemline are not true vintage pieces however they hold the feel together.  

I have the fabrics set aside and will finish this piece in the near future.  Keep checking back for a follow up post showing the completed 1950's replica.  

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making the Statement

I have not been bold in sharing with everyone I meet that I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  There is no reason to not, I just haven’t.  Well now I am.  I have decided that I need to take action and push myself in order to grow my business.  
The true silly part is that all you really have to do is tell people what you do.  If I could step out of my comfort zone and just speak it is there for the taking.  Others love to hear of what I do and see my projects and attend a class or workshop.  If they don’t know I do it then how can they possibly participate and learn what is waiting for them. 

So here is that first step.  I have added the Stampin’ Up! logo to the back window of my van.  To add the fun I have also added one of the products I offer in the decor elements division.  My family was purchased each individually in order to customize exactly what makes up your family.  

I can be proud to let everyone know I am a mother of 4 boys and I sell Stampin’ Up!  

The first thing was to wash the van.  Washing it wasn't an option at -30c outside so I washed only the window instead!

 Each "family member" is packaged individually.

Here they all are opened up from the packaging.

Once they are open you want to rub the back side of each person to ensure they are securely attached to the front face before peeling off the backing.  If you skip this step the person may loose a limb before the transfer happens!

I chose to work left to right with my family members.  The backing is peeled off and the "Daddy" was centered on the window.  Then the decor elements tool is what you what to use in rubbing the element onto the clean surface.  You will notice immediately when the surface paper is peeled away if the person is sticking or not.  If it is not set just put the paper back on and rub some more.  

I kept on adding and adding and adding and adding...until this family was complete.   I am happy to share that this family is now complete!  

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