Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Card with the Grade 1 Class

Tomorrow I am going to spend an hour with my oldest son’s Grade 1 Art Class.  I have designed a Mother’s Day Card that 22 of the kids will be making for their Mom’s. 
Each child will receive an envelope with their supplies.  In making this blog post I am actually cheating a little.  The kids are going to follow along the post as a tutorial on the smart board in their classroom.  Image the way things have changed.  Follow along for your step by step instructions as there are still a few days to create instead of buy.  

Fold your Red paper in half and press your finger along the fold.    

Glue the creme paper with the ribbon on it to the middle of the Red paper.  The torn edge should be facing up.  You can use a glue stick for this.

Go to the Stamp Station and choose a stamp for the inside of your card. 

 Stamp the back of your card too.  

Take your pink paper to the Big Shot Station to emboss and cut out the Top Note shape.  Mrs. Regenwetter will help you do this step.  

Glue the pink paper to the front of your card over top of the ribbon.

Use pencil crayons to color your Mom Stamp and cut out along the edges.  

Your teacher will give you 2 pieces of puffy tape to stick it to your card.

Bend the 5 butterflies and then glue one of their wings to your card.  Make your own design with the butterflies.  

Go to Mrs. Regenwetter to get your rhinestone added.  

Put your card on the counter to dry.  Remember to put the envelope with your card too.  
You are all finished.  
Clean up your desk and help clean up the Big Shot Station or the Stamp Station.
I am really looking forward to working in the classroom and I know I am going to be receiving a beautiful Mother’s Day Card in exchange!  I already have a smile thinking of how many happy moms there will be on Sunday when they open this card handmade by their child.  
Thanks for joining me,

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