Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Achieving a Clean Finished Look

When I am sewing I love to have clean lines and a fully finished look.  In order to get my clean finished look on this crocheted and embroidered apron bib I used a small zigzag along the crocheted edge.  

Here are the steps I used to achieve the final look.

I cut out both the fashion fabric (the embroidered pillowcase) and the lining (plain white).  The darts were marked and stitched and then the 2 layers were placed right sides together.  I stitched the underarm seams using the edge of the presser foot as my seam allowance, approximately 1/4".

Next I turned the bib right side out and pressed the underarm seams.  I pinned the bib flat and used a short narrow zigzag to finish the top edge.  This is where the special edge finish starts to happen.  

Pictured here is the exact stitch length and width I used for the zigzag edge finish.

Once the full width of the bib top had been zigzagged I flipped the bib over to view the lining side.  The new stitching line followed the original stitching line of where the crocheted cotton had been attached to the pillowcase.  This is what the backside looked like.

 Now it is time to use my favorite pair of scissors.  They are a gingher bunt tip pocket scissor.  Excellent for using on the embroidered or crocheted linens I work with.  They will not catch or accidentally cut your embroidery!   I made my scissor purchase through Debra with Labours of Love Heirloom Sewing.  They are an online business that operates near Vancouver, BC,  Canada.  An worthy investment for the   the type of sewing I enjoy.  

These incredible scissors let you get in tight against your zigzag and not catch the crochet cotton.  I trimmed along the full front of the bib.

Once the selvage lining had been cut away you have a cleanly finished edge.  The lining side looks clean and crisp.  Your Front side looks clean and crisp. 

It is as easy and simple as that!  

Stay tuned for a post coming in the near future revealing the full Apron pictured here.  It was a custom ordered piece delivered to Saskatchewan, Canada.  

Thank you for sharing in my passions, 


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