Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Artisan Award -not this year

A couple of months ago I entered the Artisan Award through Stampin' Up!  I now know that I was not one of the 10 winners chosen.

I am a winner.  I spent the hours and hours and hours preparing all the pieces.  The percentage of people that do that much is so small that I consider it a huge feat to have completed the 7 pieces required and mailed it.

The "competition" is only open to Stampin' Up! demonstrators and entries were to be submitted by April 22, 2011.  Being Canadian this meant I had to send out my entry the first week of April to insure that the American based company received it in time.  The obstacle I faced was that I crushed my hand in a rental door van 2 weeks prior to having to hit that first week of April deadline.  I pushed through and mailed the box!  Unable to hold scissors for 10 days and with stitches in 5 different places I still finished the project.  Yeah for me!

I had to include a special little message for all those that handled the box on it's way to the final destination.  Maybe a little corny but it was 3:30 am when I finally finished packing it up.

So....the next few blog posts will include what was all required to be submitted.  Stay tuned for a look at the 2 three dimensional projects, 3 scrapbook pages, and the 5 cards that were packed up.  I will not receive these pieces back.  The company will keep them and they should be on display at the Stampin' Up! convention I will be attending in July.  Only a month away!

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  1. Danine,

    Your work and dedication that went into this was amazing!! I was lucky to watch and see the LOVE your poured into to your projects. I'm also very lucky to have you to walk by and learn all sorts of neat tricks and project ideas!! Sad you didn't win, but glad you crossed of your bucket list that you TRIED!!


  2. Thank you so much Amanda. Your words are wonderful to read and you brought tears to my eyes. I am satisfied if I can bring a smile to anyone's face that sees my creations. That is what I do it for.